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The HiGrade Kit

The HiGrade Kit


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Product description
HiGrade lets you test the percentage of active compounds of your medicinal flowers, straight from your mobile phone! Use this powerful tool to dose your medicine, or just to be more mindful about what you put in your body.

Cultvating your own plant? Use the Grower features to diagnose and treat plant disease, balance nutrients and harvest at the optimal timing. With these features and more HiGrade turns you into a master grower, helping you to grow healthier plants with higher yields.

Plant health
Detect and fight
pests and diseases

Harvest timing
Get higher and
better yields

Plant care
Balance nutrients
and watering

Potency testing
Know the quality
of your flower

What's in the box:
- One HiGrade app activation code
- One HiGrade Scope

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